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On Site Mechanic


In order to improve our service to you Corbetts Tyre and Battery Centre now offer an on site mechanic to assist in all of your car needs. Our mechanic can cover everything from a general service, to providing all fixes required to ensure that your car passes its next Registration Check.

Pink Slips & Safety Checks


Our on site mechanics are able to keep your car on the road by performing Safety Checks and repairs (if needed) to ensure that your car remains registered.


With your Pink Slip inspection taken care of by our in house mechanics , and log book servicing also provided it is just one less thing that you have to worry about when the times comes to register your car for another year.


This is yet another service we here at Corbetts Tyre and Battery Centre are able to provide to you on a daily basis.

Mechanical Repairs


Corbetts Tyre and Battery Centre  are now able to proudly offer an additional range of services.

We are able to offer our customers the advantage of 2 fully Qualified mechanics


- Log Book Servicing; (won't affect new car warranty)

- Rego / Pink Slip Inspections

- Suspension Upgrades & repairs;

- Brakes

- Clutch & Gearbox Servicing and repairs;

- Performance upgrades;

- Electrict brakes;

- Reverse cameras and driving lights;

- Tow bars and Bull Bar installation;

_Snap On Scan tool 


Amongst other things.


Local and Independent


The introduction of our in-house mechanics it further shows our dedication to customer service, and remaining local and independent.


Corbetts Tyre and Battery Centre are a Distributor of Lubealloy Oils in Young, and are strong supporters and users of the Harden Oil Company.


So come and see us at Corbetts Tyre and Battery Centre - where you know if its the Corbetts Price it's the right price.



Something your dealer probably didn't mention about your new car is that you don't need to have your new car serviced by your dealer to maintain statutory warranty. 


Here are the facts about your new car's statutory warranty.

- A service will NOT void your statutory warranty.

- A service strictly follows all the procedures recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.

- A service here at Corbetts Tyre and Battery Centre only uses high quality service parts;

- Its your car and you DO have a choice;

- Corbetts Tyre and Battery Centre will give your vehicle handbook the stamp of approval.


Once your service is complete, our qualified technician will stamp your vehicles handbook as a record of regular maintenance. This can be very important when it comes to achieving a higher resale value for your car.



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